Who is James Wilson, and what the heck is he talking about?

James Wilson is an expat who relocated to Puerto Vallarta from North Carolina in 2010 with his then-boyfriend, Christopher LaGrone.

James Wilson: Over the last decade, James Wilson has worked multiple jobs, failed business ventures, and work-from-home schemes. Currently doing the TW3 Network system.

Christopher LaGrone: Over the last decade, Christopher LaGrone has continued as a freelance web designer and branding professional, a company he started nearly two decades ago. In 2014 he founded VallartaDaily.Com.

James Wilson decided after Christopher LaGrone ended a relationship with him, he would play the jilted lover for the rest of his life by slandering Christopher LaGrone and making false claims about him personally and professionally. James’ new claim is that Christopher Chad LaGrone stole $48,000 from him and Christopher LaGrone (and the FBI) asked James for any evidence of the stolen money and James has refused for a decade to provide any bank statements, canceled checks, or contracts between the two.

Meet James Wilson personally to better understand with your own eyes:

The above video as a paid advertisement that James Wilson ran on Facebook without any evidence of any claim, but we know Facebook allows fake advertisements, they have admitted that already.

The Story:
James Wilson and Christopher LaGrone began a romantic relationship in 2004 while living in North Carolina. James Wilson was a truck driver in the middle of a bankrupsy and home forclosure with orders to vacate the home after failing to make a mortgage payment for nearly a year. Christopher LaGrone was a corporate trainer for a large national restaurant chain and was financially stable without any debts due.

Shortly after James and Christopher started their relationship, Christopher chose to leave his corporate job as the economy was taking a downturn. He took a job as a waiter and bartender at a restaurant to pay bills while starting his freelance business as a web designer.

During the same time period, James Wilson started a small hobby internet radio station, RadioDevil and enlisted his boyfriend to help manage the station and build the website.

Christopher’s freelance business began to gather clients and after the couple moved to Asheville, NC, Christopher officially named his freelance web design company 360 Asheville. The niche for the freelance business was creating 360-degree virtual tours for real estate and businesses in Asheville, NC, hence the name he chose for his website.

During this same period of time, James continued his career as a truck driver and entertaining himself with his hobby internet radio station in the evenings. Eventually, the radio station, RadioDevil, changed names to Indie Artist Radio and James chose to add another hobby internet radio station by the name of Classic Replay.

At this time in history, Indie Artist Radio was streaming from a home computer setup in a spare room using an old HP computer, but in order to add another radio station, the need for a professional web server became obvious. James informed Christopher of the cost of a web server that could manage the streaming of two radio stations and Christopher quickly objected. James ensured Christopher that he would pay for the server cost and he could afford the costs, so he contracted, under the name of James Wilson, a web server and paid using his personal debit card.

James had discussed his desire to retire from truck driving within five years and felt like the internet radio stations would eventually provide an income to allow him to reach that goal. Knowing that he worked 16 hours a day, James turned to Christopher LaGrone for help. The couple agreed that while Christopher was working at home with his freelance company, he would also help manage the internet radio stations and develop promotions to help generate income.

As Christopher’s freelance business grew, James recommended that Christopher incorporate 360 Asheville as an LLC, claiming it would help protect him from any legal situations. Christopher informed James that the cost of the incorporation and the yearly filings and fees required didn’t seem to be worth the reward of being incorporated. James informed Christopher that if he agreed to incorporate his freelance web design business and put James on the corporate papers, he would handle all the filings and fees. Being in a relationship for several years at this time, Christopher mistakenly agreed to allow James to incorporate his freelance business.

After receiving confirmation from North Carolina that 360 Asheville LLC had been formed, James began to make demands about how the company should operate. First, he suggested that a portion of the company be given to his sister, Laura Peoples, and she would be the business accountant in exchange for a portion of ownership. Christopher disagreed and told James that he didn’t want to turn his freelance business into a family affair.

Later, James requested that his two hobby internet radio stations operate under 360 Asheville LLC. The reason James didn’t want to continue running his hobby radio stations as his personal hobby is because record label companies in the U.S. were filing massive amounts of lawsuits against internet radio streamers for royalty payments. James knew he would be sued personally if he continued to run the stations as his personal hobby. For that reason, Christopher LaGrone informed James that he didn’t want the radio stations under his freelance business because if there was a lawsuit his freelance business would be bankrupt.

After Christopher had rejected the idea of sharing his company with James’ sister and allowing high-risk hobbies to operate under the umbrella of his company, James decided he would not file the yearly paperwork required by North Carolina to maintain the LLC status. James reneged on the agreement and the LLC was dissolved without ever forming an organizational agreement determining what work was being done under the LLC, who the owners were, or how any profits or assets were to be divided or how partners would be paid.

Christopher LaGrone was satisfied with this solution and continued running his business and bank accounts under the name Christopher LaGrone, D.B.A. 360 Asheville, and having all service contracts, including his web hosting server, under his personal name. All contracts for work were between Christopher LaGrone and the client, and all payments were made directly to the name Christopher LaGrone. No clients had contact with James Wilson or entered any agreements where he was a signature. There was never a need to change any existing vendor agreements because while the LLC paperwork was filed allowing the operation of 360 Asheville LLC, there was never a finalized agreement as to the structure of the company. The paper issued by North Carolina was only a permission slip, but the legal requirements to structure the LLC was never fulfilled.

James Wilson continued running his hobby internet radio stations and paying FastServ for their server using only his name and personal bank account, so there was never any mingling of the couple’s businesses or hobbies. Christopher continued to help James manage his internet radio stations but never claimed to be the owner of any station, only a manager and web designer of James’ internet ventures.

Both of James’ internet radio websites had a ‘design by 360 Asheville’ notification in the footer and ‘An IAR Networks Company’ in the footer as the parent company. Not at any time did the stations advertise being 360 Asheville companies.

After several years of Christopher building a successful freelance web design company, James Wilson was in an accident that made it difficult for him to continue as a truck driver. The couple had discussed options to allow James to retire, however after a few years, James’ hobby internet radio stations hadn’t generated any profits and listenership was extremely low. Christopher agreed to support James financially if the couple could explore options for other less expensive places to live. After many months of research, the couple decided to relocate to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and live on the income generated by Christopher’s freelance work.

After arriving in Mexico, and as would be expected and completely acceptable, James grew very frustrated with not working. To entertain himself he needed to continue visiting the Romantic Zone, eating out (Michels on Olas Altas was his favorite), and he developed a drinking habit. Because James wasn’t working, he depended on Christopher to give him money for his need to dine out daily and drink every night. Christopher informed James that this wasn’t going to be sustainable so James decided to close his retirement 401K account which had less than $2,000 USD. He used that money within a month going out to eat and drinking.

Growing tired of depending on Christopher for his entertainment money, James sought employment in Puerto Vallarta and began working for Ted Fuller, at the time Timothy Fuller Real Estate. His career there was short-lived and his employment was terminated due to what later was well-known in Puerto Vallarta as his infamous hateful personality. James grew extremely hateful the longer he remained in Puerto Vallarta, seeking confrontation with anyone that crossed his path. That same attitude had James burning through multiple jobs in Puerto Vallarta as he burnt bridges in a small town along the way.

The relationship between James and Christopher began to sour until Christopher agreed to open the relationship with a third-person by the request of James Wilson. That lasted for less than a year and only made James more jealous and keeping a diary as to how much time each person spent with the other so that he can make sure he was receiving equal time and attention.

Christopher LaGrone informed James Wilson that he was ending the relationship, however, he would help James find a place to live and help him financially until he could find employment, at the time James was once again unemployed. James accepted the end of the relationship and both agreed it was for the best for both of their lives. That all changed when James realized the third-person involved in the relationship had also decided not to continue with James Wilson because of his growing toxicity.

Christopher LaGrone advised James Wilson to find new housing arrangements because Christopher had found a new apartment where he would be moving without James. What was once a mutual decision to end a relationship and Christopher’s offer to help support James, quickly turned into a dramatic and toxic event.

Shortly after Christopher LaGrone moved into his new apartment, James frequently ended up at his home screaming from the middle of the street and throwing things into the window and balcony screaming obscenities at all hours of the night. Late-night drunk calling began and harassing emails promising to ruin Christopher’s personal and professional life.

Over the following decade, James continued making frequent contact with Christopher through email, social media, work associates, and clients with threats to ruin Christopher’s life. James’ threats included demands for money or risk having James interfere with his business and defame him personally and professionally.

After nearly a year of being stalked in Puerto Vallarta, Christopher chose to leave the city and hope for peace in Guadalajara, Mexico. Christopher changed all his social media accounts to use the name ‘Ian Hayden Parker’ in hopes to avoid being found and stalked by James Wilson online. The change in names offered nearly a year of peace for Christopher before James found the new profiles and once again returned to making threats and demanding money or risk having his business ruined.

James’ demands have continued for nearly a decade, finding Christopher wherever he went. Christopher moved to the other side of Mexico, discontinued friendships that he had for nearly two decades, closed his business, and canceled his social media accounts all in an attempt to escape James Wilson.

James Wilson now claims his demands for money or face a ruined business was not blackmail or extortion, but an attempt to collect money he says is owed to him. James claims to have invested $48,000 into Christopher’s business, 360 Asheville, that has been closed for fifteen years, and when asked for bank records indicating the claimed investment, James has refused to provide the documents or any contract of such investment. James has also claimed that the 401K investment he cashed out and spent in the bar was stolen by Christopher LaGrone.

James claims that he owned 360 Asheville and the work done by the company is his work and that he is a successful web designer. James has never designed a website. James claims Christopher LaGrone was just an ‘employee’ of 360 Asheville and when he left the company he took all the clients with him. While all documents show that Christopher LaGrone was the founder and only person listed on any contract for work, truth is, it’s not illegal for clients to follow an employee to a new company, if that is the story James wants to promote.

Hairdressers who change salons often take clients with them, this isn’t illegal, clients are loyal to the person that provides the service, not the name over the door. Clients didn’t hire 360 Asheville, they hired Christopher LaGrone and established a working relationship with him for many years. Their contracts were with Christopher and when they made payments they made them personally to Christopher. When Christopher ended the relationship with James Wilson, clients stuck with the only person they ever dealt with, Christopher. Most clients emailed Christopher to inform him that they would be calling and to please make sure he answered the phone because they disliked James so much they didn’t want to speak with him.

James has contacted Christopher’s clients and made a veiled threat to one of Christopher’s associates suggesting that if she didn’t pay him money he was going to have the FBI investigate the company and they might find her affair, so she might want to consider that. Although the woman never had an affair, she felt like it was a threat that he was going to tell her husband a lie to try to ruin her marriage if she didn’t pay money. After Christopher told James that was extortion, he claimed Christopher had told him about an affair, which wasn’t true and wasn’t anything James would have had first-hand knowledge of, it was a simple attempt to extort someone else for financial gain.

James Wilson contacted numerous clients of Christopher and informed them that Christopher was a fugitive, was under investigation, had warrants out for his arrest, had run off with other client’s money, and a host of other false allegations in an attempt to have his clients discontinue business with him.

These types of actions are not exclusive to Christopher LaGrone. James has threatened every employer he has worked for after being terminated, threatening them with legal action or threats of filing bogus claims of illegal activity with the Mexican Government.

James has had numerous other personal relationships since Christopher ended their relationship nearly a decade ago. Each relationship ends with long and dramatic posts on social media about how his most recent boyfriend is a thief, liar, scam artist, and even outs their HIV status online calling them prostitutes. Of course they were the love of his life until 5 minutes after they left him because they couldn’t deal with the toxicity any longer.

James Wilson has never ended a business relationship, romantic relations, or friendship without burning down the house. James Wilson is incapable of understanding that sometimes work and personal arrangements just simply end up not being compatible and walk away as an adult. It all involves a dramatic exit and months, or even years, of toxicity.

If you wish to get involved with James in a personal relation, friendship, or business relationship, you should make sure that the invested time is worth the drama that will follow the moment the relationship, no matter the nature, has ended. You will not have a moment of peace because James lives a life as a victim and the world is out to get him, he lives in fight or flight mode, so his mind keeps him in fight mode. Mostly just behind the computer because he is a coward.

James Wilson keeps a file on his computer about everyone he knows, even people he calls his friends, like a diary for each person he meets. If you tell James something personal, he types it into a word document and saves it in your file for many years until he needs to recall that personal story and use it against you if you leave him, or he feels like you deserve to be a focus of revenge, which eventually becomes everyone in his life.

The file James maintains on his computer about everyone he knows includes a list of all their friend’s names, links to their friend’s profiles on social media, where they work, their boss, phone numbers, parent’s names, brothers or sisters, anything you innocently mention in a conversation with him, or anything he sees you post on social media. He saves all this information just in case you block him on social media. He wants to make sure he files away every bit of personal details about you just in case he needs to seek revenge on you in the future.

James has no images on his social media with friends. He is a loner, not by choice, but because his toxicity makes it difficult for anyone to spend any amount of time with him. People tolerate him through a conversation at the bar and are polite to him, but he normally has something bad to say about them the moment he leaves, and undoubtedly they have something bad to say about him.

If James doesn’t have someone to hate or seek revenge on, he is unable to function. Anyone who knows James personally cannot deny that nearly all of his conversations are about how someone has done him wrong, how he is a victim in life, and how only he can provide justice for all the wrongdoings he has experienced. If he isn’t the victim in the story, he is telling you how wonderful he is. He was the most famous DJ that no one has ever heard of. He owned the most famous radio station that failed. He was a mover and shaker in the music business but no musician knows his name. It’s what most people recognized as toxic behavior.

This is James. This is his story. Now you know.