May 5, 2014

FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Heads to Puerto Vallarta

For the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) the country changes for the first time on its 2014 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour but the heated...
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Ceres Expands Production In Jalisco Mexico

Thousand Oaks-based agricultural biotechnology developer Ceres, which is developing biotech-driven sorghum seeds for use in renewable fuel and electricity production, said it has expanded its...
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Women are Changing the World and Latin America

The roles and aspirations of women in power were highlighted during the consumer fair CONSUMIAMI 2014; topics focused on women in power in the US...
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Gay Rights Advocates Call for a Brazilian Law Against Discrimination

Gay rights advocates called for a Brazilian law against discrimination as they gathered by the hundreds of thousands in Sao Paulo on Sunday for one...
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First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop, Gene Robinson, to Divorce Husband

The first openly gay Episcopal Bishop, who became a symbol for gay rights far beyond the church while deeply dividing the world’s Anglicans, will divorce...
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Avocados Just Got More Expensive

According to distributors of Hass avocado installed in the Supply Centre, the price of a kilogram of Hass avocados, which so far ranges between 35...
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