June 15, 2015

Now it’s easier for U.S educated students to enter Mexico schools

Mexico on Monday enacted a measure meant to help hundreds of thousands of young migrants who have returned from the United States, dropping a requirement...
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Carmakers say bienvenido to Mexico, adios Canada

There's little more than a weeded-over parking lot outside the former Freightliner truck factory in St. Thomas, a small town about a 30-minute drive south of...
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You and your doctor should take your sleep serious

Getting enough good quality sleep is essential for maintaining health and quality of life, and not getting enough is dangerous to individual health and public...
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55th Annual Sportfishing Tournament in San Blas

The 55th Annual Sportfishing Tournament in San Blas is back in play from June 17-21 with the slogan “55 Years of Big Time Fishing,” organized...
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Cruise cancels Puerto Vallarta ahead of Hurricane Carlos

Carnival Cruises has announced the cancellation of the Carnival Miracle to Puerto Vallarta due to the path of Hurricane Carlos. The cruise was expected to...
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Ex-first lady says she’ll seek Mexico’s presidency

The wife of Mexico's former President Felipe Calderon says she intends to run for president in the 2018 election. In a video posted on social...
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