July 22, 2015

Would you have spotted this skimmer found on an ATM in Puerto Vallarta?

Banks and credit unions here in the United States are reporting ATM card fraud that originated with skimmers in the touristy town of Puerto Vallarta,...
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Citi to shut Banamex USA, pay $140 million fine

Citigroup Inc said it would shut its Banamex USA operations and pay $140 million to regulators who alleged the bank did not correct weaknesses they...
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Latin American travelers embrace digital wallets

Credit cards and cash aren’t disappearing anytime soon but Latin American business travelers in Brazil and Mexico appear keener to bid them farewell for digital...
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Advantages and disadvantages of the falling peso

The drop in the value of the Mexican peso - trading this week at around 16 to the dollar - is boosting exports and tourism,...
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Puerto Vallarta: The Leys Supermarket Experience

When we first moved to Puerto Vallarta, I was afraid to go to the nearby supermarket, Leys, because, well, it appeared so Mexican. I much...
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