February 25, 2016

Flavonoids in fruits and veggies may fight weight gain as we age

Eating lots of fruits and vegetables rich in flavonoid molecules might help adults minimize weight gain as they age, a recent study suggests. Most plants...
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“Mayhem With Mama” Lands on The Main Stage

Mayhem with Mama, premieres on Act II's Main Stage on Thursday, March 3rd. It  is a new concept show from the creators of Mimosas with...
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Mexico increases food trade with Canada

Mexico food exports to Canada, which have gone from 94 million dollars to 1,659 million dollars in the past 21 year, i.e. a 1,700 percent...
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Mexico wants to expand the uses of prickly pear cacti

Mexico is the leading producer of fresh prickly pear cactus for human consumption worldwide with 12,000 hectares planted and a production of nearly 825,000 tons...
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Mexico inflation jumps to 10-month high

Mexican consumer prices rose more than expected in early February to their highest since last April on a surge in food costs, but core inflation...
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