June 6, 2016
The New York bar known as the birthplace of the gay pride movement could become the country’s first national monument honoring LGBT rights under a plan to be considered by President Barack Obama. The Stonewall Inn in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village was the site of a 1969 police raid that touched off riots and ignited a...
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hwy 200 vallarta
There has been a lot discussed and written about lately regarding highway projects planned or under development that will, or could, provide better access to the region. One project was recently completed, another nears completion, and others, well, it is uncertain how much may just be talk and not so much action. For those that...
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smart kids
Children born in the 41st week of pregnancy – which is considered “late-term” – have better test scores and are more likely to be classified as gifted in elementary and middle school, compared with children born “full-term,” that is, at 39 or 40 weeks. “It has been well-established that late-term births are associated with higher...
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Mexico’s ruling party was headed for stinging defeats in some of 12 governorships up for grabs in state elections, according to preliminary vote counts Monday. Hobbled by corruption scandals, violence and a weak economy, the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party lost four states it has never lost before, including the northern border state of Tamaulipas, across...
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