July 20, 2016

Mexico bans night fishing and gillnets to save Vaquita Porpoise

Mexican authorities are banning night fishing and gill nets in an area inhabited by the endangered vaquita marina porpoise in the upper Gulf of California....
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Armed men steal gold and silver from Agnico Eagle’s mine in Mexico

Canadian mining company Agnico Eagle said on Wednesday that a group of armed men stormed one of its mines in northern Mexico early on Tuesday...
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over 80

Over 80? Too few medications might be dangerous

With all the talk about the risks of "polypharmacy" – being prescribed more than five medications – it might be surprising to learn that not...
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mexico stocks

Mexico stocks rally while peso loses ground

Mexico's stock market rallied for a fifth straight day to a fresh record intraday high on Wednesday, but its peso currency weakened on concerns over...
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lila downs

Lila Downs films documentary in Puerto Vallarta for Discovery Channel

Singer - songwriter Lila Downs was in Puerto Vallarta last weekend with Discovery Channel to film a chapter of 'Naufragantes-'. The director of the Tourism...
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