July 31, 2017
Perro Bravo Productions recently returned to Vallarta with sold-out opening performances of the critically acclaimed stage comedy, “Princesas Desesperadas”. Performing the Spanish adapted version of Tomas Ustusastegui’s comedy, the play is directed by Ramiro Daniel and stars award-winning actors Juan Pablo Hernandez, Juan Carlos Ramirez, Cesar Trujillo, and Cesar Bravo. It’s a fast-paced comedy that tells the...
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Alien Donald Trump appears on Mexico City billboard
A massive image of U.S. President Donald Trump as an alien intruder now towers above one of the busiest roads in Mexico City urging motorists to “Make America Great Again.” The gaudy billboard sports a caricature of Trump with a blue and red fleshless face beneath his blond hair. It went up above the two-tier...
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