July 12, 2018

Shopping center in Mexico City collapses (video)

A portion of a multilevel luxury shopping center in Mexico City collapsed on Thursday, sending debris flying and kicking up clouds of gray dust, television...
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Baby hippo at Guadalajara zoo becomes main attraction

A hippopotamus born last May has become the main attraction of summer for visitors to the Guadalajara Zoo. Although he was born on May 28,...
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Earthquake damage in Mexico reveals hidden prehispanic temple

The destructive earthquake that struck central Mexico in September last year caused hundreds of deaths and numerous material damages. But the strong tremor has also...
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Seapal denies sewage runoff into Bay of Banderas in Puerto Vallarta

In response to a video that has been running on social networks, which shows black water running into Playa de Los Muertos from condominiums and...
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