Seapal denies sewage runoff into Bay of Banderas in Puerto Vallarta

In response to a video that has been running on social networks, which shows black water running into Playa de Los Muertos from condominiums and hotels in the area of the south of the city, Manuel Acosta Padilla, Operational Manager of Seapal Vallarta clarified that this is the point where the “Arroyo de la Igualdad” flows.

The video that has become viral claims that Seapal drains sewage into the Bay of Banderas during rains to cover up illegal disposal of waste.

He reported that this stream is channeled below the Tropicana Hotel, as well as condominiums and houses, which have separate rainwater and sanitary drainage services, that is, the water that runs down that channel is rainwater flowing down the streets of Puerto Vallarta and not a sewage dump.

“When it rains, the basin is washed and leaves, branches, trash, fecal waste from wild animals and pets are washed away, which causes it to flow into Playa de Los Muertos with unpleasant characteristics, but they are not discharges of sewage that the condominiums or hotels of the area do intermittently,” he said.

He pointed out that any river mouth can be taken as a reference, “when the water of a river receives rain, it carries sand, garbage and depending on the intensity of the current, sometimes larger objects and dead animals”, he said.

Due to the location of Puerto Vallarta, it is common that during the rainy season, runoff from the mountains generate waste as it flows its course to the sea.

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