November 6, 2018

‘Invasion’ or ‘brother migrants’? Caravans threaten Mexico-U.S. detente

A stream of U.S.-bound Central American migrant caravans risks clouding the rapprochement between Mexico’s next leader and U.S. President Donald Trump, who has railed against...
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Mexican ruling party to present bill this week for recreational marijuana use

Mexico’s next interior minister plans to submit a bill to create a medical marijuana industry and allow recreational use, the Congress website showed on Tuesday,...
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New survey of tourists shows confidence in Puerto Vallarta’s safety

Surveys conducted with both domestic and foreign tourists, position Puerto Vallarta as a safe destination, said the chairman of the board of directors of Adeprotur,...
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UnibusPV has goal of hiring 50 female bus drivers in Puerto Vallarta

In the coming weeks, UnibusPV, the public transport company operating bus services in Puerto Vallarta, will start with a recruitment program to include 50 women...
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Vidanta names winner of the World’s Best Job position

Vidanta is pleased to announce the company has named their official hire for the World's Best Job position, Peru-based candidate, Andrea Martens. Chosen from a...
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