New survey of tourists shows confidence in Puerto Vallarta’s safety

Surveys conducted with both domestic and foreign tourists, position Puerto Vallarta as a safe destination, said the chairman of the board of directors of Adeprotur, Robert Kistner Dixon.

He pointed out that Puerto Vallarta had slipped in the most recent survey, from position four to six, but that does not mean that Puerto Vallarta has become less safe since the last survey, but that other destinations increased their quality, therefore, this city naturally fell in its position.

While only looking at the destination of Puerto Vallarta and not all factors, on the surface it looks like bad news, but the good news is that people in Mexico are feeling a little more secure and the top position is becoming more competitive.

“Until now I’ve seen a very focused work, very direct on the security issue, I think we’re doing well, there are no major incidents here in Vallarta, I think security is on track.”

At the same time, he said, security in the destination continues to be a factor for tourist decision making, in the sense that when a negative alert is issued it does affect tourist decisions, since sometimes not only is a site alerted particular but in general of Mexico as a country.

Bob Kistner remarked that tourists who have already visited Puerto Vallarta know that this is a safe place and that they will not have any problems during their stay in the destination.

However, he acknowledged that in the city there are red hot spots in which to work, although he pointed out, do not occur in the tourist zones of the city.

“In the surveys that apply to visitors, in all of them, people talk about maybe they arrived with concern, but they felt really safe and that security is relative to the attention we give them.”

Robert Kistner said private initiative should play an important role and in the particular case of Adeprotur will continue to support the municipal government and help as much as possible.

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