November 7, 2018

Karen Souza headlines the Riviera Nayarit Jazz Festival 2018

Karen Souza is one of the top contemporary jazz singers in the world and she will be headlining the Riviera Nayarit Jazz Festival 2018 on...
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Hundreds of professional children arrive at airport in Guadalajara

Dozens of planes from different parts of the world arrived at the international airport of Guadalajara with passengers from different professions and trades: firemen, policemen,...
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monarch butterfly

First monarch butterflies arrive at Mexico wintering area

The first monarch butterflies have arrived at their wintering grounds in the mountains of central Mexico almost a week later than usual, Mexico’s Environment Department...
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Bus fare increases could be revoked for older bus models in Puerto Vallarta

After the dissatisfaction of users of public transport in Puerto Vallarta over the bus fare increase applied last Friday, the Governor of the State, Aristotle...
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Amazon rolls Alexa out in Mexico

Amazon announced Wednesday (November 7) that its voice-activated digital assistant Alexa and its smart speaker Echo are now available in Mexico. In a press release,...
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Facing increased robberies, Puerto Vallarta issue safety recommendations

From January to September, 1,389 robberies were reported in Puerto Vallarta, 271 more than in the same period of 2017. Robberies in this number include...
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credit score

At What Age Can You Ignore Your Credit Score?

At some point, you’ll buy your last car and refinance your last mortgage. Surely then you can stop worrying about your credit scores. Well, not...
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Mexican State of Colima reports 57 earthquakes in October

The State Government of Colima, through the State Unit for Civil Protection (UEPC), announced that during the month of October they recorded 57 earthquakes in...
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Honduran migrant chooses Puerto Vallarta rather than seek asylum in U.S.

After eight days of staying at the international bridge Paso del Norte, the Honduran migrant Gerson Valeriano Soto decided not to enter the United States...
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