Honduran migrant chooses Puerto Vallarta rather than seek asylum in U.S.

After eight days of staying at the international bridge Paso del Norte, the Honduran migrant Gerson Valeriano Soto decided not to enter the United States to apply for political asylum and will stay in Mexico with the best option to find work in Puerto Vallarta.

The Honduran migrant said he didn’t see any reason to go to a country where they do not want him, where there is racism, discrimination and, on the contrary, Mexico is giving him the opportunity to provide him with work, healthcare, education and the opportunity to return to their country of origin when necessary.

Accompanied by his wife Jessi Yossira, she said that she will continue waiting at the international crossing to be called by the authorities of the Customs and Border Protection Service to apply for a work visa in the United States.

Valeriano Soto asked the authorities of the National Migration Institute for support to continue his journey in Mexican territory and be transferred to Puerto Vallarta in the state of Jalisco once his wife manages to cross into the United States.

The Honduran is 70% proficient in the English language, which allows him to get a good job in Mexico, so he plans to go to Puerto Vallarta where a lot of American tourism goes.

Gerson Valeriano is a few steps from crossing the border between Mexico and the United States through the international bridge Paso del Norte, which for eight days he has endured the inclemency of the weather, withstood the verbal aggression of the passers-by who pass to El Paso Texas, he has even been physically assaulted.

Now when he is about to be called by the North American authorities, the Honduran migrant decides to back down and stay in Mexico; leaving his wife Jessi who will continue on the road to the United States.

“With all my pain in my heart I will not cross to the United States and I leave my wife the freedom to decide if she continues the plan of asking for political asylum because I can not force her to stay since she has dreams of being in the United States” he said while Jessi was lying covered with a blanket on the hump of the Paso del Norte bridge.

He said he will remain at the Paso del Norte international bridge until his wife Jessi Yossira is called to the CBP officers on the American side.

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