May 28, 2019

Puerto Vallarta gets support for the construction of a Hurricane Monitoring Center

Given the importance of timely monitoring of hurricanes with local information, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña found support for his proposal to build a Regional Hurricane...
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Sargassum in Quintana Roo is helping to drive tourism to Puerto Vallarta

During April, the Sargassum (brown seaweed) and the lack of promotion in Quintana Roo hit the hotel occupancy, and although this year, the Easter holiday...
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Cruise ship dedicated to the hunt for UFO’s coming to Puerto Vallarta

There are themed cruises for all tastes. And among the most bizarre are those dedicated to conspiracy theories, those that explore cities enchanted with ghosts,...
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100 Video surveillance cameras coming to the streets of Puerto Vallarta

To modernize the video surveillance system in Puerto Vallarta, the state government will invest in over 100 video surveillance camera systems and the construction of...
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Venezuela’s economy is so bad that thieves can’t find people to rob

The feared street gangster El Negrito sleeps with a pistol under his pillow and says he’s lost track of his murder count. But despite his...
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Mexico freezes bank accounts of former Pemex CEO

Mexico’s Finance Ministry said on Monday it had blocked the bank accounts of the former chief executive of state oil firm Pemex, one of ex-President...
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