Cruise ship dedicated to the hunt for UFO’s coming to Puerto Vallarta

There are themed cruises for all tastes. And among the most bizarre are those dedicated to conspiracy theories, those that explore cities enchanted with ghosts, and even one of them convinced that the Earth is flat. Now a cruise is scheduled to set sail to Puerto Vallarta that will be dedicated to hunting UFOs.

This is the newest cruise option, “The truth is out there”, a motto that was frequent in the X-Files series. The trip will take place from October 6 to 13 on the MS Oosterdam, a Holland American Line vessel with a capacity of 1,848 passengers.

The journey begins at the San Diego port and heads for the Mexican Pacific, with stopovers in Cabo San Lucas (Baja California), Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta.

There are seven days where there will be seminars and workshops on extraterrestrials and parallel activities related to indigenous cultures, meditation and the search for “ancestral knowledge”.

This cruise “will not only discover the lies. It will teach you the truth. As we dispel darkness and shine the light of wisdom, we enter into the true light of conscience, “the organizers of Divine Travels said.

Each night the passengers will be gathered on the deck and the organization will give them binoculars to participate in the UFO hunting.

The sky in that area of ​​northern Mexico is very clean and stellar vision is optimal, but nobody guarantees that flying saucers or lights that rotate at supersonic speeds can be seen.

Surely the organization will be crossing their fingers so that, at least, there are some shooting stars that can create an illusion of UFO sightings among the passengers.

Each day there will be two or three seminars to choose from. The final calendar is not yet closed, but the organization promises the presence of renowned figures in the world of ufologists such as Jan Harzan, executive director of Mufon, which proclaims itself as the oldest and largest UFO hunting organization in the world, with 50 years of experience in which they have accumulated 100,000 cases of sightings and close encounters.

There will also be filmmakers and producers of the Ancient Aliens program, which is broadcasted by the History Channel and investigates the supposed contacts of ancient civilizations with extraterrestrials.

The list includes “researchers, writers, professors, spiritual teachers” related to UFOs and paranormal phenomena; and there will even be conferences of people who present themselves as “contacted and abducted”, that is, who made some kind of trip in a spaceship of another civilization.

In addition to the universe of UFOs in the cruise, there will be time to meet indigenous rites such as the Mayan fire ceremony, by an elderly woman belonging to the ethnic group.

This will be done in Cabo San Lucas, although it does not seem important to the organization that the Maya never lived on the northwest coast of Mexico.

You will also visit the petroglyphs (drawings carved in rocks) at the site of the Labradas (Mazatlan) and you can swim among dolphins on the coast of Puerto Vallarta.

Every morning the day will start with yoga and meditation classes, but beyond the little green men, the conspiracies of the governments and the relationship between pyramids and flying saucers, there will also be time for the typical activities of a cruise: spa on board, discotheques, meals at six restaurants, musical performances, cooking workshops, and sports.

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