June 13, 2019

Boy loses phone containing videos and photos of his deceased mother, offers reward

Gino forgot the phone in a taxi and he is now offering his savings to get it back. "I do not want to forget about...
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Ecuador’s highest court approves same-sex marriage

Ecuador’s highest court authorized same-sex marriage Wednesday in a landmark case seeking to expand LGBT rights in the small South American nation. The decision by...
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Illegal crossings a part of life at Mexico’s southern border

It was still dark when the first Guatemalan farm worker walked ashore in Mexico early Thursday, just the bottoms of his shorts damp from the...
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Microgreens: a tiny, nutritional, easy-to-grow crop all year

If you like munching on seedlings, consider directing your palate toward microgreens. These tiny vegetables burst with rich, leafy flavors ranging from spicy to sweet,...
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Three handcuffed and tortured bodies found in Puerto Vallarta

The bodies of three men were found in Puerto Vallarta, semi-skeletonized and showing signs of torture. The bodies were found around 7:30 in the morning...
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Inside a Jalisco Cartel Training Camp in Mexico

On the first day of training to become a hitman for the Jalisco Cartel New Generation, Francisco learned that the only way to escape from...
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