Boy loses phone containing videos and photos of his deceased mother, offers reward

Gino forgot the phone in a taxi and he is now offering his savings to get it back.

“I do not want to forget about my mom because when I’m sad I see her pictures and I hear her voice through the videos, and I do not want to forget her voice, her face,” says Gino, a 10-year-old boy who lost his phone in Córdoba, Argentina.

According to the minor, he lost his cellphone last Saturday around 11 pm on Asunción Street, after taking a Remise (like Uber) with his grandmother, he forgot the phone inside the car. Although they quickly noticed that the phone was missing, they have not been able to retrieve it because it is likely that the passenger who used the ride-sharing car took the phone.

The phone has valuable content: photographs of his deceased mother, when Gino was barely 6 months old, as well as recordings of her voice saying, “I would give anything to recover”.

“Hi, I’m Gino, today I forgot my cell phone in a Remise that I took and there I had the photos and videos of my mom who died when I was very young, my phone is a J7 Prime and I hope that people with a good heart find it and I give it to me, I have all my savings as a reward “

During an interview for the news program El Doce, the child confessed that if someone returned it to him, he would thank him, hand over the money and hug him. As for all his savings, it has 600 Argentine pesos (264 Mexican pesos) for anyone who returns it.

The ride-share company shared the address of the woman who boarded moments after them. and when questioned, she assured them she hadn’t seen the phone.

After the video of the boy when viral and moved millions of social network users, David, owner of an electronics store, also offered an identical smartphone for those who return the boy’s phone.

As for Gino, he does not lose hope of finding it or at least recovering the audios and photos of when his mother, who lost her life in 2009 due to leukemia, bathed him. His father left home as soon as he was born, now he lives with his maternal grandparents.

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