April 10, 2020

Young infected doctors at Mexico public hospital demand help

Interns and resident doctors at a public hospital on the outskirts of Mexico’s capital say that 26 of them have tested positive for the COVID-19...
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Mexico confirms 403 new cases of COVID-19 and 39 deaths in 24-hours

In Mexico, the number of cases of people infected with COVID-19 increased to 3,844 confirmed patients, reported the Ministry of Health (SSa). The death toll...
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Mexico adds coronavirus social distancing to its earthquake plan

The Mexican government recommended that the population follow the established protocols in the event of an earthquake, such as retreating to areas of lower risk,...
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Only three hotels are open and 29 occupied rooms during Easter holiday in Puerto Vallarta

Only three hotels are open in Puerto Vallarta, in which there are only 29 rooms occupied out of the 39 thousand in the city, which...
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