May 18, 2020

Princeton University study shows that warmer weather will not limit the spread of COVID-19

It is unlikely that higher summer temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere limit the spread of the coronavirus, according to a report released Monday by Princeton...
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Mexico reaches new daily record of COVID-19 cases on the first day some cities ease restrictions

According to the report of the technical file of the Ministry of Health ( SSa ), until this Monday, May 18, there are 51,633 confirmed...
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In Mexico, $15,000 pesos will guarantee your loved one’s death certificate omits COVID-19 as cause of death

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico, some people have chosen, in exchange for a fee of $15,000 pesos, to have death certificates...
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The rainy season is expected to start between June 9 and 15; more intense storms than last year

According to the Institute of Astronomy and Meteorology ( IAM ) of the University of Guadalajara ( UdeG ), the rainy season in 2020 is...
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Local leaders resist Mexico president’s push for reopening

Local governments across Mexico pushed back Monday against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s call to reopen the economy in some 300 townships that do not...
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