April 1, 2024

Puerto Vallarta Ranks Among Top Three Most Expensive Tourist Destinations to Live in Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - For those seeking a change of scenery or contemplating a move to Mexico, the nation offers a plethora of enchanting cities...
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Puerto Vallarta to Welcome 23 International Cruise Ship Arrivals in April

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - As April unfolds, Puerto Vallarta prepares to welcome a flurry of international cruise ships, with 23 scheduled arrivals throughout the month....
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At Least 26 People Rescued From Drowning Over Easter Weekend in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - During the Easter holiday period, Puerto Vallarta witnessed a surge in beachgoers, with over 26 individuals narrowly escaping drowning incidents, thanks...
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Foreign Tourists Are Flocking to Puerto Vallarta’s Beaches

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — Puerto Vallarta, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant culture, continues to draw tourists from across the globe. During the holiday...
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