250 death certificates in Puerto Vallarta indicate COVID as a cause of death

Despite the fact that in the official records of the State Government, until this Friday there were 130 deaths in Puerto Vallarta due to Covid-19. The Civil Registry in Puerto Vallarta highlights approximately 250 death certificates that have been issued mentioning COVID-19 as a cause of death.

The head of the Municipal Civil Registry Office in Puerto Vallarta, Ramiro Iván Campos Ortega, specified that they are only based on the certificate issued by the treating physician.

“We have a statistic of approximately 250 death certificates where COVID has been listed.”

He clarified that in some cases it is about suspicions and that is how it is recorded in the notes, but the Ministry of Health is in charge of reaffirming or denying that the death was due to such a circumstance after carrying out the necessary examinations.

He indicated that the vast majority of certificates that have as the main cause of death is due to COVID-19, in the end it is confirmed and reported.

“The vast majority are COVID and many others, which they say as the second cause of death, COVID is suspected, we know that this virus triggers other diseases such as respiratory failure, atypical pneumonia and any other chronic diseases, which is sometimes the main cause of death”.

He pointed out that the Civil Registry is based on what the doctor who signed the Death Certificate indicates as the main cause; as well as the other possible diseases.

“In our death certificates, we rely on the certificate issued by the doctor where they specify, first cause of death: respiratory failure, for example, second suspicion of Covid and vice versa, Covid as the first and the following causes of death the chronic disease that the person had”.

Finally he clarified that there have been people who do not die in Puerto Vallarta, but who are buried in the Jalisco municipality, therefore they enter the statistics of the Vallarta Civil Registry.

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