Ancho Reyes liquor shouts Viva Mexico to the world

Ancho Reyes takes up the ancestral tradition of chile liqueur, a recipe dating from 1920 and an original of Puebla, the reason why the signature liquor has a fresh flavor but with a very Mexican spicy touch.

“There was not a liquor that shouted Mexico and that could be exported to all sides of the world, what we are looking for is that this liquor has its flag in the part of liquors, what is more Mexican than the chile?”, Explained the co founder of the firm, Moisés Guindi, during the presentation of the new production plant in downtown Puebla.

At present, he explained, this liquor is exported to 40 countries, in America it has a presence in Canada, the United States, Panama, Colombia and Argentina, while in Europe they have almost all the coverage, “even with a bottle but we are in the top five or 10 restaurants across the European Union.”

In addition, this liqueur is also distributed in Australia, Singapore, Thailand and Korea, the firm was started between September and October 2013, “people are really appreciating it, bartenders like it a lot to make their cocktails”, he said.

Ancho Reyes was born with the work of Saúl and his family, producers of poblano chile, it is a liquor that was born in Mexico but already starting trends in the world.

The drink is unique in its style because its main ingredient is chile, and it is made in a traditional way and it is an effort of both producers and the company to deliver one of the emblematic flavors of the country, Chile.

In addition, the firm recently inaugurated an outfit and a new production plant in the State of Puebla which required an investment of between four and five million pesos, but investments will continue to grow its productive capacity and create jobs in the region.

The firm maintains a commercial relationship with producers of ancho chile and poblano of San Martín Texmelucan where the chile is purchased at fair prices and are offered financing for the development of their production. In 2014, the company began with the purchase of less than one tonne of chiles and currently the figure amounts to 23 tons.

In addition, they started with about two thousand boxes sold the first year but now they expect to close the year with the sale of 40 thousand boxes; about 300 thousand bottles are produced per year, which requires around 23 tonnes of chile.

Casa Lumbre’s managing director, Moises Guindi, also explained that Puebla has a tradition of making homemade liqueurs with local ingredients, macerating them with cane alcohol.

“Mexico is the cradle of many of the incredible ingredients to produce alcohol in the world … we have given ourselves the task of understanding and recognizing the value of agricultural raw materials in these beverages,” said Moises Guindi.

The chilies arrive at the plant in sacks and are cut by hand with scissors, there is a final selection of the chilies and the stem is separated and passed to production tanks on a small scale in a maceration and containing cane alcohol.

Once the chile leaves its flavor, it passes through a kind of press where the liquids are separated from the solids, while for the preparation of the drink of green chile the process of cutting is in a machine to be later roasted, which provides green and herbal flavors, then macerates and spend six months in this process to reach the bottle.

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