AppleCare+ now covers your iPhone and iPad in Mexico

On July 29, Apple officially expanded the availability of its AppleCare+ coverage plan, adding two new countries to the mix for protection of your iPhone and iPad.

Apple has officially added Sweden and Mexico to the list of countries that support AppleCare+ coverage for iPhones and iPads. The company has been expanding AppleCare+, with a big expansion announced in September, 2013, with locations like China, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, and others added to the growing list. More recently, AppleCare+ saw some changes that include an extension to the purchase period (up to 60 days from 30), and a few other tweaks.

With this announcement, AppleCare+ can be purchased in Mexico for 1,599 pesos, for the iPhone or iPad. In Sweden, it will cost 799 kronor for the iPhone or iPad.

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