City Council will take legal action for collapse in Amapas

The municipal government of Puerto Vallarta announced that a procedure has been initiated to assess the damage and affectations, and delineate responsibilities, for the landslide that occurred yesterday in Amapas, on Los Muertos Beach.

The director of Urban Development and Environment of the City Council, Fernando López Márquez, reported that according to the preliminary report of the Directorate of Civil Protection and Firefighters of the Municipality, this landslide was due to the softening of the soil caused by the rains of the last days and the construction in progress that is in a stage of earth movement and stabilization of the ground.

He indicated that all this was registered inside the property where the construction of some condominiums are planned, so that while the corresponding evaluations are carried out to determine the damages and affectations in the surrounding properties and areas, it was ordered to stop the work and start the legal procedure.

The Directorate of Civil Protection and Municipal Firefighters explained that it was a landslide of a slope, with an approximate dimension of 15 meters long, 6 meters wide and 30 meters deep, affecting Calle Santa Bárbara, the collapse of a section approximately 8 linear meters of stone masonry retaining wall of the building marked with the number 431, as well as the formation of cracks greater than 5 centimeters apart that run vertically, from the base to the top, due to the loss of material and the undermining of the foundation.

In the first evaluations, he detailed that sequelae of damage were detected in some neighboring properties, as well as in Santa Bárbara street due to the displacement of material, damage to electrical installations, rupture of drinking water, drainage and telephone facilities.

The agency carried out the preventive evacuation of 20 people from the buildings adjacent to the work on Santa Bárbara street, due to the damage to the structural components, as well as the placement of a security perimeter on both sides of the road, with a buffer area greater than 50 meters, leaving a permanent guard with personnel from the operational area of ​​this agency and municipal traffic, in order to restrict the passage of pedestrians and vehicles.

Likewise, the total closure of the construction area and prevention of further work has been ordered.

Regarding administrative actions, it will request the company responsible for the construction work to carry out a comprehensive mitigation program and project, in which the actions to be carried out for the repair of the roads, service facilities, and real estate affected are contemplated.

The builders had already been alerted about this situation, since on March 23 of this year, through official letter number DPCB / 04/677/2021 recommendations are issued to the director responsible for project work, until the slope stabilization works are concluded, the work was already in the process of being closed by PROFEPA, due to risk conditions for landslides and material collapse, which could affect both the neighboring properties, as well as the infrastructure and roads.

Finally, the municipal government, through the Receivership and the Legal department, in conjunction with Seapal Vallarta, prepare the corresponding complaint against whoever is responsible, for the damage caused.

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