Coronavirus in Mexico: New record of COVID-19 infections for fifth-wave

The Ministry of Health (SSa) reported that, as of this Friday, July 8, 6,217,788 total cases accumulated since the health emergency began have been confirmed in the country. As for the number of deaths, to date, a total of 326,022 deaths were reported.

With these numbers, according to the Daily Technical Report, in the last 24 hours, 32,569 new infections and 46 deaths from COVID-19 were registered.

The agency explained that this Friday there are 222,093 estimated active cases of the disease, that is, the people who began to present symptoms in the last 14 days (from June 25 to July 8, 2022).

SSa indicated that the entities with the highest number of active cases of SARS-CoV-2 in descending order are: Mexico City, Baja California Sur, Colima, Quintana Roo, Sinaloa, Yucatán, Querétaro, Nuevo León, Tabasco and Nayarit.

Regarding the accumulated infections by location, the Government of Mexico has registered the total number of cases since the pandemic began, with the following states having the highest number of registered cases: Mexico City (1,545,165); State of Mexico (619,524), and Nuevo León (347,150).

They are followed by the states of Guanajuato (296,826); Jalisco (258,223); San Luis Potosí (198,551); Tabasco (197,173); Veracruz (195,548); Puebla (179,330), and Sonora (174,753). Together, these entities make up 65 percent of all cumulative cases registered in the country.

The SSa reported that the distribution by sex in confirmed deaths shows a predominance of 62% in men, with an average age of 64 years at death; while the confirmed cases show a greater predominance in women, with 52.2 percent and the general average age is 38 years.

Based on the last cut, the states with the highest number of deaths are Mexico City (56,428); State of Mexico (34,851); Jalisco (19,587); Puebla (16,501); Veracruz (16,432), and Nuevo León (15,181).

Regarding hospital availability, until July 7, the states with the highest percentage of general bed occupancy are Guerrero (42.2%), Chihuahua (37.34%), and Querétaro (37%). In turn, those with the highest percentage in beds with ventilators are Querétaro (11 percent), Colina (8 percent), and Baja California Sur (8 percent).

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