Debanhi had personal items stolen prior to her disappearance

After the discovery of one of Debanhi Escobar’s identifications in an apartment complex, the Nuevo León authorities announced that the young woman’s friends had reported the theft of personal belongings prior to her disappearance.

The head of the Prosecutor’s Office specializing in femicides in Nuevo León, Griselda Núñez, did not disclose whether the credential found on May 5 was among the belongings stolen from the young woman.

In an interview with journalist Azucena Uresti, the official announced that ” the theft of Debanhi Escobar’s belongings took place some time before her disappearance “, as well as that “the finding will help determine if it has any relation to her death”.

The Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office had previously conducted a search in an apartment of Constitución Condominiums, where the identification was found on May 5 inside a planter outside the condominiums.

“On April 19, the interior of an apartment was searched, no personal objects were found there. The location was in a public space,” said the spokeswoman for the case of Debanhi’s alleged femicide.

Among the personal items found inside Debanhi’s bag, found at the Nueva Castilla Motel, another SNTE credential was found, the date of issue of which was not revealed.

The credential found around 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, May 5, had the issue date of April 2021, while its validity was marked for August 2021, so it was an expired credential. and probably Debanhi would have received another document with later validity.

Mario Escobar, Debanhi’s father, is a professor registered with the SNTE, which granted benefits to his relatives, for which Debanhi would have requested her credential from the union, which would identify her at the institution.

During the course of the day, Mario Escobar confirmed that the Debanhi credential that was found this Thursday had been lost for about two and a half months, for which he asked not to give great importance to the document.

The condominiums located in the city of Monterrey are 24 kilometers from the Nueva Castilla Motel, where Debanhi’s lifeless body was found on April 21, along with some of his belongings.

Nuevo León authorities are still carrying out the proceedings to determine the causes of the death of Debanhi Escobar, which is presumed to have been a femicide, for which the head of the Prosecutor’s Office specializing in said crime took the lead in the investigations by the case.

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