Debanhi was sexually abused and murdered, says second autopsy

A second autopsy performed on the body of Debanhi Escobar revealed that the young woman suffered sexual abuse before being hit on the head repeatedly, which would have caused the trauma that caused her death.

The documents of the Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office obtained by El País indicated that the young woman could have been a victim of sexual violence inside the Nueva Castilla Motel since the expert work determined that Debanhi died before falling into the cistern in which she was found.

Previously, the state authorities had revealed that no water was found inside Debanhi’s lungs, so the possibility was opened that the young woman had fallen into the body of water alive, which would be ruled out after the second autopsy.

Debanhi’s relatives continue with their own investigations to clarify the circumstances that led to the young woman’s death, which are carried out in parallel with the proceedings that the State Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out.

Mario Escobar, Debanhi’s father, asked to meet President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in a private meeting next Friday, May 13, since the president will travel to Nuevo León for a work tour.

In the morning press conference, the president announced that he is willing to meet with Mario Escobar if he comes to the location where the president will be speaking in the State.

On May 11, Mario Escobar announced the results of the search that Nuevo León authorities carried out for more than 17 hours inside the facilities of the Nueva Castilla Motel, where they focused on checking room 174 of the motel.

Through a video published on his own YouTube channel, the young woman’s father announced that the review carried out in the establishment concluded around 6 in the morning on Wednesday, May 11, they began around noon the previous day.

Mario Escobar reported that the authorities found more surveillance cameras after the search, whose recordings will be reviewed upon request; but he did not specify where in the area they were found.

Debanhi’s father assured that undisclosed sources informed him about the presence of the security cameras that had not previously been considered for the case, reports that he wished he had discovered beforehand.

He ruled that “No line of investigation in the Susana Debanhi Escobar Bazaldúa case is going to be closed until they prove otherwise to me,” for which “I demand that the Prosecutor’s Office do its job, I demand that the jurisdiction agency do their job.”

He also expressed his support for the relatives of more disappeared women in the state, such as María Fernanda and Yolanda Martíne z, as he demanded “that Debanhi’s case be resolved and that the same thing not happen again with the others; I sympathize with the other dads and moms who have been through this. We are not going to stop and we are not going to take our finger off the line.”

Escobar stressed that he will continue to seek to clarify the circumstances of his daughter’s death, as he seeks to do so for the social good and for Debanhi, who “sends him many messages from heaven that she is fine and calm, I will not be until I find the truth ”.

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