How to File a Complaint with PROFECO- Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency

PROFECO is Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency where you should file a formal complaint if you feel that you have been mislead by a business or simply ripped off.

Mexico has very strict laws for doing business, however very few violations are reported because many people don’t know how, or they feel like it won’t do any good. Have faith, PROFECO has a reputation for closing and fining businesses who violate business laws in Mexico, you might even be surprised that not displaying the cost of a product is a violation of law, even though price tags are rarely seen or adhered to in many stores.

Instead of blowing off steam at Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor, Craigslist, or anywhere else that will listen, we recommend that you start by filing a formal complain that could force the business to close instead of just blowing off steam. You can help future consumers.





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    1. Just a suggestion, one thing that I have found works is to go to these companies Facebook and Twitter accounts and be polite without expressing anger, be brief, and encourage interaction with them publicly. You will be surprised how businesses quickly resolve problems that are viral as long as the complaint is done responsibly. Normally people are very rude with complaints on social media and they look like jerks, the business considers that a win for them. But a polite conversation about how everyone can work together to resolve a problem normally calls for quick company action so they don’t end up looking like the jerks. :)

    2. I tried the facebook and twitter thing. I got two responses, both said “we will respond ASAP.” It’s been 3 weeks. I filed a complaint with AB and the LFB or whatever it is that oversees airlines in Germany. Thanks for the advice!

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