Polytechnic students create hibiscus flower jelly for people with diabetes

Students of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN, for its acronym in Spanish) prepared a gelatin based on jamaica, agave honey, vanilla extract and grenetine, ideal for the health of people, especially the population with diabetes.

According to the creators, the gelatin that received the name of Xamaitecatl provides vitamins A, B1, C, E, collagen and minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

The product came from a joint work between students of the Center for Scientific and Technological Studies (CECyT, for its acronym in Spanish) 14 “Luis Enrique Erro” and CECyT 6 “Miguel Othón de Mendizábal,” according to a statement.

Jasibe Guadalupe Velázquez López, Xóchitl Paola Escobar Álvarez and Erick Rodrigo García Dávalos said that they used the Jamaican flower as the main ingredient because it helps to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.

They also said that gelatine also has an antioxidant function, because it prevents the presence of free radicals, which damage the body, cause aging and diseases. On the other hand, agave honey contains natural sugars that act as a dietary fiber and do not raise glucose in the blood.

The procedure consisted in making the extract of the jamaica in cold to maintain its properties, later, the agave honey, vanilla and grenetina was mixed, and they put them in the packing to refrigerate it. A second team dealt with the business development of the product with the colors of the Mexican flag.

They added that unlike commercial jelly, Xamaitecatl does not contain sweeteners or preservatives, since its life time is 10 days in refrigeration.


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