Increase in Puerto Vallarta bus fare expected to hurt many citizens

The increase of 2.50 pesos to the rate of public transport in Puerto Vallarta will undoubtedly affect the economy of families, mainly those who have to board up to three buses to travel to their homes and work, that’s not counting the families of children and youth who use transportation to go to school, said Arnulfo Ortega Contreras, president of the Puerto Vallarta Business Coordinating Council – Bahía de Banderas.

He indicated that the increase is considerable since it represents a 33% increase from the current rate.

“It is an increase in the spending of people on public transport and whenever there are increases in transportation, fuel or in the fees of the federal commission, it always hits the pocket of the citizenship.”

He said that “this really is not a simple increase, are 2.5 pesos hitting the pocket of citizens, and although transportation in the area has been improved, obviously the wages in our country have not improved .”

In this way, any increase will affect the family economy, however, he pointed out that an effort is already being made so that workers are better, so that they work on productivity and improve their economic status and that of their family.


An analysis and a clear proposal as to why the increase of 33 percent is occurring should always be considered.

“I think it is a very considerable increase, that maybe if a peso has been increased, it would probably look normal, however 33 percent is a high increase, since it is not only once that a truck is taken but seven days a week and there are families who have children who go to schools.”

Ortega Contreras pointed out that an analysis must be carried out so that all children and young people who use public transport to go to the schools, are considered and given a discount on each passage, and thus, this increase is not impacting the family or the child’s education.

“He who works and earns well, nothing happens, because the soda, beer, chewing gum, they will still consume, but this is a service of first necessity that the citizens of Vallarta need to support their family,” he said in closing.

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