Jalisco readies total shutdown plan if COVID-19 cases continue to rise

The governor announced an “Emergency Button” plan that could stop activities in Jalisco if the growth of cases of the new coronavirus continues in the state.

In a message through social networks, after the meeting of the Economic Reactivation Commission, the Jalisco governor warned that it is up to all citizens to prevent the activation of the plan.

There are two criteria that will be evaluated for activating the emergency button: saturation of the hospital system of 50 percent and weekly incidence rate of 400 infections per million inhabitants, by date of onset of symptoms.

“If the first indicator reaches 50% or the second reaches 400 cases for every million inhabitants, we will have to stop once again. Today we are in the first indicator at 26% and in the second at 290,” explained the governor.

On the night of Monday, July 6, the Radar Jalisco platform reported a new record of COVID-19 infections in the entity with 664 new cases and 19 deaths.

Likewise, he said that on July 15 a new instrument called risk board will be presented to define how and when the reactivation process of the 28% of economic activity still closed can begin.

“Today there are no conditions to define a date and therefore a new methodology will be built to make decisions that weigh the risk by type of activity. This will define the opening of cinemas, theaters, bars, event rooms, convention centers, casinos, among others ”.

The Jalisco governor also spoke about fatigue and the deficit of doctors.

“As in the rest of the work activities, we have hypertensive, diabetic, pregnant, and people over 60 years of age who cannot work. So our doctors and nurses who can do it are working tirelessly. Although we continue to hire staff and make rotations, the deficit is still huge,” he said.

“We have hospitals ready, but our staff is working to the limit and we do not have more room for maneuver there,” he added.

The governor pointed out that most of the businesses and shops have not fulfilled the call to schedule staggered work hours and this impacted the risk level of public transport, so these new measures will have to be taken.

By saying ‘stop dead’ we mean a more drastic measure than the one we took in the first stage of social isolation. It would mean shutting down all industry, commerce and services. Only the operation of the health, security and food supply services would be maintained.

In this period of total confinement, restaurants could not operate, not even for home delivery. There would be no public transport service except to meet the demand of health and security personnel. Banks, churches, government offices, shopping malls and squares will not be allowed to operate. They could only open markets and self-service stores during the week only for food sales, no weekend grocery store hours. ”

“We are at a key moment. If we act responsibly, we can get ahead without having to stop our economy again. Jalisco needs all of us, we cannot fail,” said the Governor in a message addressed to Jalisco.

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