National President of ‘Confío en México’ says insecurity in Puerto Vallarta is a reality

The problem of insecurity in Jalisco has been increasing and the fact that in Puerto Vallarta local people and tourists do not feel threatened when walking through the streets does not mean that there is not a problem, according to the President of the National Political Association Confío en México, Carlos Lomelí Bolaños.

Bolaños said that as he has pointed out on several occasions, the main problem of Jalisco in addition to the lack of public health services, which are not available, the problem of insecurity has been increasing throughout the state and in Puerto Vallarta insisted that even though INEGI places this destination in the Top Ten of security perception, it does not mean that there is no uncertainty or an anxiety.

The quarterly surveys from INEGI are commonly touted as proof of security in destinations around Mexico, however, the survey does not use any crime statistics to evaluate the list of cities with a perception of safety.

“I hope that the coordination programs between local, state, and federal authorities will advance, that the programs will increase public trust in the police forces, I hope that technology will be advanced to avoid problems and that we will not continue having security and justice.”

Bolaños pointed out that crime is growing throughout the country, and Jalisco is topping the increase in crime, and tourist destinations that receive an influx of foreign visitors and money are always at risk, as many popular tourist destinations in Mexico have seen.

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