New radio talk show hopes to help expats in Puerto Vallarta

Beginning Saturday August 22 at 9:00 AM, the University of Guadalajara radio station at 104.3 FM in Puerto Vallarta will begin broadcasting their first English spoken talk show.

The Good Morning Wake Up Show will feature local news topics along with weekly interviews ranging from visas, banking, medical care, and other topics to help expats in Puerto Vallarta live life to the fullest.

Radio talk show host, Michael Nolen, is from Houston, Texas and recent expat himself relocating to Puerto Vallarta in January 2015.

The weekly show is a non-profit show by the University of Guadalajara and outreach project to the English-speaking community in Puerto Vallarta and around the Bay of Banderas.

Scheduled upcoming guests include the local U S Consular Agent, Director of the I N M and SEGOB, Rotary Club International, American Legion, Director of Golf at El Trgre Glof Club, and Director at Intercam Casa de Bolsa.

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