New US State Department Travel Warning Increases Alert in Jalisco

The US State Department has updated their warning for US Citizens traveling in Mexico. Due to last week’s events throughout the state, the US Government has issued stronger warnings.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Jalisco: Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and Lake Chapala are major cities/travel destinations in Jalisco – Exercise caution throughout the state, particularly in rural areas and when using secondary highways. Violent clashes between criminal organizations and government authorities, and related disturbances including barricades of burning vehicles blocking major roads and highways, are ongoing concerns that typically occur without notice.[/box]

The US State Department has long warned against travel at the Jalisco border of Michoacán and Zacatecas, however previous warnings have included language that clarified travel between Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta was considered safe, language removed from the latest warning while issuing a statewide warning to exercise caution.

In August 2014 the State Department warning read “There is no recommendation against travel to Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta. There is also no recommendation against travel on principal highways in Jalisco between Guadalajara including the portions that cross into the southern portions of the state of Nayarit.”

While the updated warning does not specify Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta, it is clear that they no longer feel comfortable reassuring Americans that these areas are safe, as they have in the past.

You can read the entire text for Mexico and state-by-state breakdown HERE

20 Responses
  1. If I wasn’t having shoulder surgery next week, would be coming for a visit, omg really , I feel more safe in PV than I do here, anyone that knows PV aren’t bothering here, seriously ridiculous

  2. Warning warning!!!! Mexicans plaase, be caution Don’ t go to USA Baltimore and Texas are on fire!!!! Those are pretty dangerous states stay away!!!!!

  3. Mike Daniol

    God forbid there be a travel warning posted about Pv lol

    Read it get your head out from under the sand. it states traveling outside the city. Your government is saying the same stuff warning to exercise caution.

    I don’t see why this is wrong. You people that think this is wrong take a drive outside the city and come back and post about it. No wonder people don’t believe people that live there. It happened Friday and Saturday far cry from last week.
    This is why things get out of control you all say oh its all good don’t worry just come.
    Acapulco did the same thing as you guys. How are they doing today.
    Unless your talking to the cartels you people don’t have a clue and sound stupid.
    You people make me sick.

    1. Justin Loman

      In all fairness, no matter what calendar you use, Friday and Saturday was last week. With that said you are correct in a way. People who do international traveling are not typically people who are not risk takers. However when our city government and the people join together to deny there is a problem, when clearly there is, that creates mistrust by the traveler. I want to hear the city say ‘this is what happened’, give the truth, and then say ‘this is how we are correcting the problem to keep people safe’. Now the message is, ‘what problem, what are you talking about, we have no problems’. Well people know that isn’t true so now people do not see the city as competent enough to protect them. The culture of denial in Mexico is real.

    1. didnt the state dept change this only 2 hours ago? i dont understand why you think this story is being over reported. this is the first i have seen of this news.

    2. Justin Loman I think he is referring to the larger story of why the State Department felt the need to make an update, which we purposely did not detail in this report. Everyone knows that happened, as media we have no interest in trying to cover it up, but we have filed our reports and have moved on. If additional information becomes known and we feel like it is important to the general public we will report that. This is the basic function of media. However we will not continue to rehash the same events over and over with hindsight 20/20 analyzing. No time, resources, or desire. I have better things to do in my life jajajaja

  4. I am tired of the media blowing it out of proportion—3 or 4 days later. I am following your page for up to date info—thanks for keeping things updated!

    1. Well it’s news but what we are seeing is that the international news is just now catching up and reporting as if the events are still happening, that is the annoying part. One would think the internet would help move information faster through international borders. But it looks like news is on the pony express hahaha

    2. Yes, the events of last week are just now being reported by a number of Canadian news outlets. And yes they are reporting it as if it is ongoing and yes, the reports are riddled with inaccuracies. Such a shame. I really hope the international media doesn’t do to my beloved PV what it did to Acapulco.

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