Puerto Vallarta celebrates the greatness of its people

In its 101st anniversary as a municipality and 51 as a city, Puerto Vallarta celebrated its people, “the women and men who make the Vallarta we love,” Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña said in his speech Friday for those who have contributed to the development and well-being of the destination.

“The history of a place is written by its people and in this story many people, groups of neighbors, institutions and social groups, leaders and authorities have participated. Many of them never saw the fruit of their efforts, but much of what we are today is thanks to them. Our municipality is built on the basis of the sweat of our grandparents, the commitment of our parents and the responsibility to learn from them and be better citizens, friends, brothers, and neighbors,” he said.

The municipal president said that those who founded this municipality, “not only built a population center, but also forged the dream of our families today living well and better”, that is why the commitment of his government has been to work for those who need the most help.

“For the most vulnerable groups, because the greatest responsibility we have is that our municipality is a place where our children and young people study, older adults have a decent life, empower women, let us be an inclusive destination, where human rights are respected, and the well-being of its people is promoted “.

He called for us to “continue working together to achieve a successful city, a municipality where women and men have the same opportunities to achieve a better quality of life and in which the most vulnerable and unprotected sectors are a priority”, returning to his overall theme of respect to the people of Vallarta.

“We are a government that raises its voice, we are a destination that generates millions of pesos in taxes through tourism; There is a debt to what our work generates and what we receive. We deserve to be seen with reciprocity, we must generate living conditions in a balanced way, we are generators of wealth, that is why without paternalism and with justice for the people of Vallarta I repeat it again: we want progress back,” he emphasized.

He recalled that “Puerto Vallarta is as big as we want to see it, the people of Vallarta must be united, working together, for our family, community and for this magical place sheltered by mountains and sea, which asks us to take care of it and value it”.

As part of the ceremony, the ‘Francisca Rodríguez Rodríguez’ award, which is presented to distinguished members of the teaching profession, and / or benefactors of the public education, was presented to the professor of the University Center of the Coast, Claudio Rafael Vázquez Martínez.

The ‘Ignacio Luis Vallarta Ogazón’ award went to the Neighborhood Association of the Amapas AC neighborhood, as a recognition of their behavior or exemplary career in benefit of the municipality and its inhabitants.

The ‘Teresa Barba Palomera Award’, went to Doctor Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado, former rector of the University Center of the Coast, for his great cultural contribution to the municipality. The painter Javier Niño Rodríguez, received the ‘Manuel Lepe Macedo Award’, for his outstanding work in the field of the arts.

After the session of the city council, the mayor, aldermen and special guests, made the cut of the traditional anniversary cake.

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