Puerto Vallarta prepared delivery of backpacks and school supplies for students

The interim municipal president, Rodolfo Domínguez Monroy, supervised the school supplies of backpacks with essentials, uniforms, and shoes, which are now ready in the warehouse for delivery from next August 22, to the almost 52,000 students of basic enrolled in the new school year.

The mayor verified that the school packages are complete and according to the lists issued for each grade, as well as the quality of the shoes and uniforms, with which hundreds of families will benefit, thus helping the household economy and providing to the minors the necessary tools so that they can continue their education.

The deputy director of Social Programs of the City Council, Alejandro Aguilar Gutiérrez, noted that part of these supports were already made directly to some of the schools, to facilitate their delivery to students beginning Wednesday by parents of each campus, that along with the personnel of the Directorate of Social Development, supervise and grant the materials to the minors.

“We have been involved with parents for a couple of years now; they got close to them, the great majority are participating; then, together with our staff, they deliver both backpacks and uniforms and shoes in each of their schools,” he said.

He announced that in the case of backpacks, their delivery will be done quickly because most will already be in each of the schools. Nevertheless, in the matter of uniforms and shoes, their delivery will be made gradually, according to a calendar and only to those students who registered in the program, since it establishes type of uniform and size, hence, it is important that registration is made beforehand.

For this reason, he asked the parents for a little patience in the case of uniforms and shoes, and that they will be notified of delivery days and locations.

Aguilar Gutiérrez recalled that this year will be providing just under 52,000 backpacks with supplies to the total of students enrolled in all public schools in the municipality of basic education, ie, preschool, primary and secondary, while they will be 29,800 packages of uniforms and shoes.

It should be noted that the municipal government of Puerto Vallarta invests resources in these programs for $27,113,00 pesos. The backpacks program is developed jointly with the state, each contributing 50 percent of its cost, while the uniforms and shoes are carried out with a hundred percent municipal investment. To these supports is added the School Insurance against Accidents program for all students of basic level.

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