Puerto Vallarta prepares for holiday season celebrations

Puerto Vallarta is ready to take care of the security and physical integrity of the people through the security plan ‘Operation Guadalupe – Reyes’, which will be implemented from November 30 to January 7, to protect the traditional pilgrimages to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the holiday season, the end of the year party, as well as avoiding the sale of pyrotechnics in the city.

City leaders met on Thursday to fine-tune the actions to be taken during these dates, in which in a coordinated plan, risks will be mitigated and eliminated so that Vallarta and visitors can enjoy the holiday celebrations.

Mayor Arturo Dávalos stressed that in these tasks, each one of the dependencies is very clear about the role that they must play in security as well as the attention of the citizens, in addition to the close coordination that they will maintain to have better results and that the different events are held in the best possible way, in addition to maintaining the security that distinguishes Puerto Vallarta from other tourist destinations.

Around the General Order of Operations Guadalupe Reyes 2019 – 2020, the deputy director of Civil Protection and Firefighters, Adrián Bobadilla García, announced that command posts will be installed for pilgrimages and the end of the year party, to coordinate all resources that are available for the protection of these massive activities, as well as those developed in the delegations and colonies of the municipality.

During the first weeks of December, during the traditional pilgrimages, it was indicated that this will begin on November 30 and throughout the religious celebration, the presence of elements of Citizen Security, Roads, Civil Protection and Firefighters will be maintained, which will intensify from the December 8 and until the end of the celebrations. There will be support from the Municipal DIF to give attention to lost children.

In this period, businesses that are located in Juárez Street will also be requested to carry their garbage to Morelos Street so that from there it can be collected at normal times, which will be made known directly to the tenants. There will also be changes to the circulation for public transport and private vehicles.

For the December holidays, the Directorate of Public Safety informed that checkpoints will be established at the Malecon on December 24 and 31 to prevent the entry of large glass bottles and coolers, among other objects that could represent a risk. Likewise, work will be done in coordination with the National Guard and the members of the Security Bureau, in the surveillance of shopping centers, for the issue of purchases and delivery of bonuses that are provided on these dates.

During the holiday period, the beaches and the downtown area are also reinforced and at the end of the year there is an influx of people. As the Operative of Pyrotechnics, this is implemented from December 1 to 31, and will intensify the days near Christmas.

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