Local woman donates her land to provide eight Puerto Vallarta colonies with water

Doña Ángela Contreras Dueñas always cared to help others but never thought she would go this far, until one day the then director of Social Development, Arturo Dávalos Peña, approached her looking for a plot to build a raised tank that would supply potable water to the colonies of the rural zone, finding a building with the necessary elevation within her property.

It was then that Dona Angela saw the possibility of turning her wish into reality, so she did not hesitate and willingly agreed to hand over part of her estate as common land, with the sole intention to provide families with water.

The project to build the elevated tank has already been completed under now Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña and currently work in underway on the equipment and infrastructure to supply drinking water to eight colonies bordering the community of El Colorado in Puerto Vallarta.

At 86 years old, Mrs. Angela Contreras does not hide her satisfaction of having trusted Mayor Arturo Dávalos to realize this work that will benefit hundreds of families in the surroundings.

“I am concerned about the needs of families and water is a very necessary thing for children to clean themselves, their food, the ladies to wash, they are happy, because water is very necessary,” she says.

She recalled that it was four years ago that she agreed to build the tank on her land, so she said she is satisfied to see the progress. “I felt very comfortable, calm, happy, that the project has begun”.

Today, Dona Angela comments with great pride that she will be able to die peacefully knowing that her wish was fulfilled, because thanks to her and to the municipal government, many families will soon have water in their houses.

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