Researchers discuss concern about Sargasso in Puerto Vallarta

University researchers lectured on the presence of sargassum in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. Although in some photos and videos of the beach of Mismaloya, analyzed by the academics, the small spots of the seaweed are minimal, they fear that by the contamination of the water the situation could be aggravated.

In Mexico, the macroalga has already invaded the coasts of Cancún, Tulum, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos, where it has caused an unpleasant smell and appearance that scare away visitors.

In the case of Jalisco, the scientists explained that sargassum on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta does not travel across the sea, like the one in Cancún, but instead grows on the seabed or on rocks, and in the hot season it breaks away and can reach the coast.

Amilcar Levi Cupul Magaña, research professor at the University Center of the UdeG Coast, assured that the presence of the alga in the area is common, but they fear that the excess of pollution aggravates the situation.

“It is seen mainly on rocky beaches and it is this season in which it becomes evident, this sargassum grows in Puerto Vallarta, not like in Cancun, and with the swells, it falls off and can reach heights of one meter,” he explained.

The discharges of sewage are a trigger to alter their natural cycle and proliferate in large quantities. In March, two beaches in Puerto Vallarta were closed by intentional discharge of sewage after the collapse of a collector.

“The sewage is loaded with nutrients and that is to give water as fertilizer and can also lead to harmful algal blooms or red tide,” he added.

Before the situation worsens, the academic considered it urgent to implement measures to avoid aggravating the issue and ends up impacting the ecosystem and tourism, as already happened in Quintana Roo.

Puerto Vallarta is the second most important economic zone in the state of Jalisco and the third most important port in Mexico. Currently, it is one of the most visited places in the country, mainly by adults and seniors from the United States and Canada.

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