Restore Coral Mural Project brings awareness to Puerto Vallarta

Art knows no frontiers… It can be expressed in many canvas to amaze and invite us to different places. In Puerto Vallarta, artistic life is at the galleries and along the sculptures of the Malecon, but it also lives along the streets of our beach town!

There’s no doubt: art lives in Puerto Vallarta, and it causes lots of reactions, from just watching it, to getting more involved and get the real message. That’s what makes greater the artistic experience!

Therefore, Restore Coral Mural Project saw in Puerto Vallarta the perfect canvas for beautiful murals with a great message: the importance of coral reefs and the preservation of the marine ecosystem.

Restore Coral is the first Mexican campaign of social innovation aimed at this mission: Mexican reef is the second greatest of the world because it sustains 25% of the sea life… But nowadays we have lost more than 75% of coral surface area. If we don’t do something about this situation, we’ll lost all of the ecosystem.

In addition to technological and scientific projects, this one wants to raise awareness through art. The murals communicate with shapes and colors how important is the sea life for us.

With Restore Coral Mural Project, Puerto Vallarta has brought together urban artists from many places, who have showed all their creativity and colorful designs along the streets of the city, receiving all the attention of locals and tourists.

With an interesting fusion of styles, the murals remind us the greatness of sea life: the whales that visit Puerto Vallarta during winter, the unique corals along mexican beaches, all the traditions, stories and legends around life by the sea, among other treasures.

So now you have the perfect plan: take a walk along Puerto Vallarta streets and enjoy these wonderful murals. Share your photos and don’t forget to follow our social media to get more recommendations of our beach town!

You can find the murals of the following artists here:

Dherzu Azala: Hidalgo street with Iturbide No. 395

Liz Rashell: Aldama street with Hidalgo No.220

Ley and Misael: Hidalgo street with Aldama

Eva Bracamontes: Juárez street with Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez No. 699

Noise and Nick: Sport area. Argentina y Colombia streets

Tomás Pires: Perú Street No. 1052 with Venezuela

Tony Collantes: Teatro Vallarta. Uruguay No.84

Humo and Frank Salvador: Buena Aventura Hotel

Originally published on VisitPuertoVallarta.Com

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