Sea turtle season officially begins in Puerto Vallarta

Today the sea turtle season (2021-2022) began with a celebration at “Holy Beach” in order to conserve and preserve the species as it makes its yearly migration to Puerto Vallarta.

The ceremony was headed by the Mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, the Deputy Director of Environment Helios Hernández Hurtado, and the President of the Association for the Conservation of Species of Bahía de Banderas, Rohini Suta Velasco.

In order to educate the population and make them aware of the importance of caring not only for marine species but also for flora and fauna located in the port; “We Vallartans must recognize and understand ourselves as those most interested in the protection of nature, the main economic activity of our municipality directly related to tourism,” said Mayor Jorge Quintero.

The mayor also invited everyone to have a more friendly and respectful relationship with the environment, to reconcile with the environment and revalue our behavior in favor of the earth; “What we take we must return enriched and improved, privileging conservation, sustainability to mother earth, we must give her peace and health because the most important thing is to understand that we must assume a shared responsibility to be able to put ourselves at an advantage over other tourist destinations and above all to improve our quality of life ”, added Jorge Quintero.

The sea turtle is considered an icon for Puerto Vallarta, since this tourist destination is named as one of the best to see sea turtles.

In the last eight years, more than 1.6 million turtles have been born between Boca de Tomate and Boca de Tomatlán, thus covering approximately 12 km of beach, including the beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

The 2021-2022 season is expected to surpass the last season of 2020-2021 in which a record of 3,300 nests were counted, between six months that the season lasts, there were between forty and sixty nests per night, a figure that is expected to be exceeded.

Finally, the municipal president carried out the symbolic planting of a nest in order to start the season.

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