Southside of Puerto Vallarta is prone to landslides, but construction continues

The research team of the Laboratory of Ecology, Landscape and Society of the University Center of the Coast, of the University of Guadalajara, through the study carried out last year, showed that more than 100,000 hectares of the region of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas have a high susceptibility to hillside landslides, located mainly in the tropical mountains.

Dr. Bartolo Cruz Romero, Head of the Strategic Projects Unit of the CUCosta, affirmed that the research called, “Zoning of Susceptibility to Slope Landslides in the Bahía de Banderas Region, associated with Natural Phenomena”, was carried out on the initiative from the University, with the observation of the urban locations in the metropolitan region of Bahía de Banderas and Puerto Vallarta, including the municipality of Cabo Corrientes.

This research was published in March 2020, in the Bio Sciences Magazine of the Autonomous University of Nayarit, with the purpose to warn governments of the dangers of landslides in the area. They made it clear in the conclusion of the investigation, that the southern part of Puerto Vallarta is prone to frequent landslides, so there should be no urban displacement in those areas.

It was revealed that 6.5% of the area of ​​the basins that make up the bay, that is, 100,474 hectares are highly susceptible to landslides because they are on slopes, in the face of extreme rains, and considering the type of soil, rock, and also the modification that has been made to the ground, without doubt, landslides will continue.


Dr. Bartolo Cruz Romero, a researcher at the CUCosta pointed out that the landslide that occurred on August 10, in Amapas, is a moderate area for landslides, and requires monitoring of the tropical mountain area because due to the slope, more will continue to occur.

He added that visible deterioration effects are expected in the foundations of structures, as already observed in neighboring properties, which could collapse if extreme rain occurs in the coming days. As well as cracks in walls, columns and serious damage to roads and public infrastructure, as occurred with the disappearance of Santa Bárbara Street.

“I see a scenario, if not catastrophic, yes, landslides of this nature will continue to occur and risks can be minimized through planning and order of this territory, considering the carrying capacity of the soil of the faults of the tropical mountains to the south of Puerto Vallarta and thus minimize these impacts ”.

Likewise, he recommended to the authorities to avoid urban location and changes in the environment in areas of moderate and high categories, because it increases the probability of landslides associated with the instability of slopes.

“I invite the authorities, decision-makers and the community of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas to take action on the matter since it is not nature’s game; Very unpleasant situations are occurring for the tourist destination and it can cause investment problems, tourism declines, and deterioration of the city image. We want a planned city, ordered with well-elaborated technical and scientific studies”, he commented.

The CUCosta researcher, Bartolo Cruz, made it clear that academics are at the disposal of decision-makers; However, there are still doubts as to what will happen to that land or who is going to take charge of the contamination that arose from that landslide, as happened with sewage, since the drainage broke and went to the beach. And also, to know who will evaluate the Environmental Impact Studies.

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