State Congress to decide fate of UBER in Puerto Vallarta

Days after the city announced plans to modernize its transportation services, a promise that has been made over the years without being realized, Secretary of Transportation, Enrique Servando Sepúlveda, announced that Uber is seeking permission to offer services in Puerto Vallarta.

Uber is a transportation service that operates through a mobile application, from any device such as phones, tablets or computers, the payment is made by credit card or debit card, and the service is monitored by GPS and rides are metered and tipping the driver is prohibited. The minimum rates are 25 pesos, attention is personnel and training is of drivers is a priority for the company; which certainly gives the user greater confidence to choose this company in its transportation. Uber launched last year in Mexico City.

The Secretary believes that Uber operating in Puerto Vallarta could help improve services with buses and taxis as more competition in the industry forces change among the drivers, costs, and services being offered to the public.

The decision on the arrival of Uber to Puerto Vallarta is in the hand’s of the State Congress, they will determine whether the proposal is suitable for the destination.

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  1. rivernic

    Great. Private cabs in a country where kidnapping is a growth industry. Can’t way for the cartels to figure out how to monitize this. We have enough trouble screening Uber drivers in the US!

    1. Jesus Reyes

      Clearly you have no clue…
      Violent crime in the U.S. is much more common than México. Stop spreading your stupid lies about México.

      1. rivernic

        According the the UN, Mexico has the 3rd highest rate of violent crime, behind Brasil and India

      2. rivernic

        According to the UN, Mexico has the 3rd highest rate of per capita violent crime, after Brasil and India. The US is 14th

  2. I wouldn’t be too concerned because it takes the government 10 years to approve anything and it takes Puerto Vallarta another 50 years to enact anything. We will all be dead and people will be using flying cars by the time anything changes in Vallarta. The government loves to release stories and ideas as if its factual when they are actually just trying to grab publicity, it’s like going to a Donald Trump rally hahahahaha a lot of stuff to make the media talk with little substance. No worries, nothing is changing, Vallarta will be left behind and the younger generation of tourists will go to other places that have kept up. :P

  3. PeterH

    The taxis could use the competition… maybe the drivers will begin to improve their service/attitudes and stop trying to overcharge everyone they think is a tourist. I would also love it if the drivers stopped offering drugs and prostitutes. Also, I love the busses, but half of them are so old and poorly maintained that they shouldn’t be allowed on the road…. not to mention dirty!!

  4. Taxi drivers should be more honest and should lower rates for people with dollars the rates are ok for them but they are really high for locals. Right now they have the upper hand with monopolizing all cab services and they are not touching their heart when charging more for services and when fighting for their rights (affecting PV image). I think Uber should be allowed and then, the user will decide which one to use. In other places where they had the same situation, uber has worked satisfactory and the overall service its truly amazing.

  5. Support the taxi drivers, it’s by zone not meter. Support the busses, how cheap can it be. Why are people always looking for the next best thing, when it necessarily isn’t?

    1. The Taxis attempt to rip me off by charging more…every time tourist season comes around. My 60 peso ride is now being quoted as 100 pesos.

      No…it’s not much but we are not on vacation like the rest of you either.

      Ignorance is bliss!

      1. sun shine

        Taxi # 247, shrugged his shoulders when I asked how much to go to Avalon in Amapas. But I got in anyway. He drove me all over Conchos Chinas, not listening when I tried to tell him he went too far. By the time he finally arrived at Avalon, he wanted to charge me $250 !!! The trip is norrmally $70. Watch out for this guy!!!!!!!

    2. The Taxis attempt to rip me off by charging more…every time tourist season comes around. My 60 peso ride is now being quoted as 100 pesos.

      No…it’s not much but we are not on vacation like the rest of you either.

      Ignorance is bliss!

    1. Because for 1 reason there are many busses and hard working cab driver’s trying to make income and all the resorts use them or another service for the guests. Uber would be a better idea in cities like guadalajara or Mexico df

    2. Why not open the market up, and give it a shot? It really is a marked improvement over phoning up a cab, dealing with potential language barriers, waiting for an unknown time for them to show up..

      Uber is wonderful, and solves some of those issues. No language barrier, you don’t need to place a phone call, and your can watch your car moving on the app, so you know exactly when they arrive (IE, do I have enough time to finish my drink and my conversation before I’m being honked at?).

    3. There are hard working cab drivers and buses in GDL and DF too. The thing about competition, and a system like Uber, is that it forces the taxi and buses to do better jobs. It’s a private company that requires training and people using the service rate their driver, drivers with low rates are not allowed to work for the company. They raise the bar in transportation and that’s a win for people who use the bus and taxi. If taxis and buses want to keep working hard for their business it will become more than buzzing around town at high speeds for the next fare, it will require CUSTOMER SERVICE.

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