Women in Jalisco are showing their strength as political candidates

During the 2018 elections in Mexico a phenomenon will occur in Jalisco that surely has not happened in the electoral life of Mexico, which incidentally, began in April 1812 with the election of political representatives through the vote exclusively of men of legal age, woman did not have voting rights.

206 years later things are a lot different in Jalisco for women in politics. From the electoral political reforms approved in the Jalisco Congress during 2017, political parties are obliged to respect equality guidelines. From the obligation, more participation of women in politics this year emerged.

Now, there are six municipalities in the state of Jalisco in which there are only women as candidates for their town’s mayor. These are: Amecueca, Atenguillo, Chimaltitán, Huejúcar, San Martín de Bolaños and Valle de Guadalupe.

During 2012, none of the 125 municipalities had an all female ticket for mayor, now there are six. On the other hand, the majority participation of men as standard-bearers of the political parties in the municipalities was notorious six years ago. In 84 municipalities there were only male candidates, no women. Now in 2018 there are only five municipalities with all male tickets: La Barca, Tequila, Tala, Talpa and Zapopan.

The participation of women as political candidates in municipality elections are growing in the state. In 114 municipalities there are participation of women and men, of which, in 29 only one woman candidate is registered and in 22 municipalities there is only one man among the possibilities of election.

The reform approved last year contemplates that political parties or coalitions had to nominate 50 percent of women: “one of the seats in the Senate, twenty of the local councils by relative majority, ten of the twenty federal councils, 63 of the 125 municipal presidencies, 63 of the 125 syndicates and 613 of the 1,226 regidurías”, this taking into account that not all political parties have candidates in the 125 municipalities.”

In the majority of the municipalities there are at least three candidates. The municipality of Zapopan is the one that has the most applicants with a total of ten. In the municipal territory that has fewer candidates is Mixtlán with only two candidates: Eva María Rubio Becerra for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and Arturo Rubio González for the New Alliance Party (Panal).

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