August 5, 2014

Americans are still flocking to Mexico in record numbers, despite calls for boycotts

Americans are still flocking to Mexico, even amid numerous calls for boycotts on travel to Mexico and the purchase of items made in Mexico. Most...
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Circus Abandons 2 Lions Without Food or Water

Mexican authorities have rescued two lions found abandoned without food or water in a large trailer cage in a rural area. The office of the...
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MTV Latin America Produces Jersey Shore Spin-off in Acapulco

The franchise that began with Jersey Shore in the U.S. is set to land on MTV Latin America with the Mexico-based Acapulco Shore, slated to...
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The Toltec Civilization of Mexico

The Toltec people were an amalgam of people from southern Latin America that came together as one to form the Teotihuacan civilization. This “empire” grew...
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Mexico fines circus over mistreatment of animals

Mexican authorities imposed Monday a US$53,000 fine on a circus that featured a black bear whose lower jaw had been removed and a lion and...
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