October 28, 2018

Marina Puerto Escondido Announces Grand Opening Ceremony

The Marina Puerto Escondido Board of Directors will hold a Grand Opening Ceremony to showcase the new 100+ slips, breakwater, premium services, amenities and more...
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November Social Calendar for Expats in Vallarta

ExPats will be having their first Special Expats Day Boat Charter on Saturday, November 3. Also, During the month of November, ExPats in Vallarta will...
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6.1 earthquake off the coast of El Salvador does not generate tsunami threat

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.1 occurred Sunday afternoon off the Salvadoran coast, without generating threat of a tsunami, reported the Ministry of...
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Photographer, diver, researcher and lecturer, all at 13 years old

He recently met the Oscar winner, Emmanuel "El Chivo" Lubezki, and last year Alfonso Cuarón declared himself his fan, and among his cell phone contacts...
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Mexico’s Green Party proposes law banning single-use plastics in the country

The Green Party in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico's Senate proposed a bill to prohibit single-use plastics in Mexico. 10 thousand tons of this material...
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To fight high drug prices, Utah will pay for public employees to go fill prescriptions in Mexico

Utah will pay for public employees to go fill prescriptions in Mexico

To save money on drugs, Utah is offering to cover travel expenses for public employees willing to go fill certain high-cost prescriptions in Tijuana. Amid...
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Macho Mexico's Muxe Shake Up Stereotypes

Macho Mexico’s Muxe Shake Up Stereotypes

Born men but living as women, the muxe community in Oaxaca, Mexico, long endured discrimination as a way of life. Younger members are challenging that....
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Crime within the Migrant Caravan is taking its toll

The migrant caravan stopped on its route to Tapanatepec after Central Americans tried to lynch a man being accusing of attempted kidnapping, which generated tension...
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Jalisco firefighters complete Bombero Level 2 training

The State Unit for Civil Protection and Firefighters of Jalisco (UEPCBJ) reported today that they concluded the work of the Diplomado Bombero 2 training, given...
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