Mexico’s Green Party proposes law banning single-use plastics in the country

The Green Party in the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico’s Senate proposed a bill to prohibit single-use plastics in Mexico.

10 thousand tons of this material are discarded daily and a large percentage ends up in open dumps, rivers, and seas, according to the ecologist deputy, Marco Gómez Alcantar,. He indicated that a regulation of plastics is required to guarantee a change of consumption habits, and replace their use with other packaging more friendly to the environment.

The useful life of a plastic bag or straw does not exceed 20 minutes and the Unicel, is not biodegradable; that is, it never disappears.

In Mexico, he added, it is necessary to stop altogether the pollution that is generated by these products. The legislator of the Ecological Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) said that although there are companies in the country that discourage the use of plastics, it is necessary to put a total stop to the pollution generated by these wastes, prohibiting their use in commercial activities.

He stressed that his initiative plans to prohibit the delivery of products using plastic packaging, packaging or the use of polyethylene for any commercial purpose. “In the Green Party we want to be very specific in pointing out that we must continue with the manufacture of these products, but through the use of more environmentally friendly materials,” he said.

Last week, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to ban single-use plastic products such as straws, eating utensils and coffee sticks across the European Union.

The measure passed 571 to 53, with 34 abstentions.

If approved by the European Commission — the EU executive — and individual states, the ban would become law in 2021.

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