May 21, 2019

Easiest Way To Report Emergencies In English While in Mexico

Expat911 is a mobile app that has been developed to assist English speaking Expats to report their emergencies. Mexico’s 911 does not have full-time English...
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Mexicans buy fake cellphones to hand over in muggings

Armed robberies have gotten so common aboard buses in Mexico City that commuters have come up with a clever if disheartening solution: Many are buying...
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Police certification training begins in Puerto Vallarta

With the objective of certifying the police elements of the state, municipal and ministerial levels, as well as the guard and custody officers of the...
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Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya season approaches in Puerto Vallarta

Given the light rains that has occurred in Puerto Vallarta, the Ministry of Health asks the population to remove pots and other items outside the...
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Coral Restoration Project: Planting Fragments of Hope at Islas Marietas

Fifteen years ago, the waters around Islas Marietas in Mexico’s Nayarit State were so abundant with corals that people could see them for miles. They...
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CBD Boom: All You Need to Know About the Exploding Industry

Due to this increasing interest among consumers nationwide, the hemp industry is projected to become one of the biggest U.S. markets in the next five...
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