September 16, 2022

Police officer in Guadalajara charged with leading a gang of kidnappers

An arrest warrant was executed, and charges were brought against a municipal policeman from Guadalajara, considered to be the alleged leader of a gang of...
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U.S. judge sentences Mexican cartel boss to life in prison

MEXICO CITY, Sept 15 (Reuters) - Mexican crime lord Jorge Costilla Sanchez was sentenced to life in prison in a U.S. federal court on Thursday...
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Migrant deaths fill morgues in US border states

To cross the border between Mexico and the US, migrants face the "coyotes" and the weather conditions in those areas, as well as the natural...
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Puerto Vallarta Celebrates Mexico’s Cry of Independence

Puerto Vallarta celebrates with joy this Independence Day which fills us with national identity and reminds us of those women and men who sacrificed their...
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Double whammy: Two potential tropical storms expected to bring intense rains to Puerto Vallarta

Two potential tropical storms could bring intense rains, winds, and waves to Puerto Vallarta over the weekend and early next week. These rains could cause...
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